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1st Enterprise Training Courses

In House Training

We can offer tailor made courses to fit the schedule of your staff 

Courses and Training

Mental Health First Aid

Personal Development

Team Building

Reducing stress in the workplace

Group Dynamics and Motivation

Conversational English

Confidence and Self Esteem in the work place.

Corporate Counselling

Mental Health Awareness


Communication Skills

Counselling Skills for HR Department

Transactional Leadership Skills Dealing with Confrontation

Health and Social Care Skills

Personal Development

Time management

Understanding Body Language

Ecotherapy /Art Therapy

Counselling in Residential Settings 

Employee's who recognise and feel valued for their work are more motivated which leads to a more productive staff.

We can create a climate which supports your employees in continuing to 

motivate them forward in their work.

1st Enterprise Training will listen to your requirements and will present to you the courses that will support you in developing a training schedule and programme of staff development.

Please call us to make an appointment for FREE including a one hour presentation on how we can support your staff in their training and well being.

(Please note traveling costs may occur and a cancellation fee for less than 24 hours notice will be due.)

The most important commodity in the 

workplace is your staff .

Investing in your staff training is investing in 

the future for your business .

Supporting wellbeing in the work place.

''Building Confidence for the individual and motivating staff in their new skills to achieve high standards within your business'

1st Enterprise Training has trained staff to achieve high standards of training for their employers, and encouraged confidence in their new found skills to build on their own motivation and confidence

  • Rose Lawn Residential Home Sidmouth
  • Citizens Advice Bureau Honiton
  • East Devon District Council
  • Community Workers
  • Sidmouth Hotels
  • Independent Business Organisations
  • My support and Care Services
  • Stallcombe House Residential Home
  • Residential care Exeter