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1st Enterprise Training Courses

Motivate and achieve goals with a high 

standard of training.

'The blocks don't get built by themselves, you need a team 

that can support, motivate, and lead you to the top! ''

Teresa Murphy  

  • Social Care
  • Communication Skills
  • Counselling Skills
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Group Dynamics
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Mindfulness within the workplace
  • Transactional Leadership Skills 
  • Art Therapy for Residential Settings 

These are just a few of the courses and workshops that are available if you contact 1st Enterprise Training Classes our team will make an appointment to meet and discuss with you your training requirements.

We can offer you a FREE ONE hour presentation on the courses and workshops we have available to support your staff in training within your organisation or business.

Please email or phone and we shall endeavour to present to you our one hour presentation packages on courses and workshop

On going training empowers staff to build on their confidence and to feel valued.

As more employers are now becoming very aware of the importance of wellbeing within 

the work place.

By incorporating wellbeing and training packages these will be a vital part of forward planning 

for your business and staff training .

1st Enterprise Training can work with your business/Organisation to build a training schedule 

that fits well with your business needs for your staff.

email [email protected]/01395597469/07930335281  to talk to Sarah who will make an appointment to meet the staff training Coordinator, who would be happy to discuss your 

staff training needs for the future.