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Classes Workshops

Classes Workshops

Understanding Communication and improving on active listening .


 How often do we feel the message has not got through or even  misunderstood ? 

Do you work as a  vounteer within part of a team working, with vunrable adults or in the community then at these times communciation is vital to understand the needs of your clients .  Importantky that they feel valued in what they have to say. 

If you work in a setting where good communciation is vital to then its important to undertand how communciation works.  

Good communciation is vital to support and motivate staff, volunteers, managers, superivisers all working together for postive outcomes .

This course will give you tools and an awareness of imporving on all areas of comunciation. 

Communication course 4 weeks 2 hours a week  June 18th -9th July  10-.00am -12pm  

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