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Classes Workshops

Classes Workshops

Ecotherapy /Green Therapy


Ecotherapy According to Howard Clinebell author of Ecotherapy refers to healing and growth nurtured by healthy interaction with the earth. Howard Clinebell called it Green Therapy and Earth-Centered Therapy. The study of our psychological relations with the rest of nature. it is clear that Ecopsychology provides a solid theoretical cultural and critical foundation for Ecotherapeutic practice. This course is useful for anyone working with bereavement in residential settings or working in health and social care settings also dementia care, Youth Support work. Ecotherapy Course Green Therapy Bicton Exmouth This is a three month Course one day a week. (12 Days )

March April May 2022  including a Residential weekend of two days arrive Friday evening - complete Sunday afternoon . (Separate charge for residential weekend) . Please note  that extra costs will occur with this course including materials for creative work.  Please emai for Brochure and furhter information. 

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