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Classes Workshops

Classes Workshops

Weekend Retreat Of Empowerment 'Its always about me' !


Weekend  Country Retreat

The weekend beginning on Friday Afternoon finishing Sunday afternoon .

This will be an empowering weekend of bringing balance and discovering you !

Enjoying a new journey of personal growth.

Fun and relaxing weekend taking steps to work on your personal development .


  • Revisiting your path and patterns of life  ?
  • Are you blocked and unsure of where your journey lies ?
  • Do you feel you would like to discover more about YOU  ?
  • Build on your awareness of self and others  ?
  • Recognise your strengths and build on your confidence  ? 


If you would like to spend  a fun weekend working on your personal development and confidence, then please join us for a fun active weekend exploring your personal  journey. 

The weekend includes bed breakfast lunch snacks coffee .

Evening meals will be  available at own cost .  


non returnable  deposit required on booking  

Further details of the weekend and venue     

Please message for full brochure details 

[email protected] &# 160;

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