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HELLO - Who We Are

1st Enterprise Training Courses

From the very beginning 1st Enterprise Training Courses has achieved positive results for staff and individuals who have attended courses, workshops and training.

The courses have supported and motivated staff to improve their work with clients, customers, and other staff members and have encouraged a more beneficial 

supportive environment.

The courses are available all year round and can support personal development for individuals. The training is tailor made to suit all adults in furthering learning and life skills, improve on their work skills and encourage on building self confidence.

Staff training is incorporated to encourage personal growth. awareness of the service users needs and build on confidence as individuals, within their work teams .

There are lot of course and training to choose from, however if you have wellbeing training you would like to include in your wellbeing portfolio for staff, please let me know and I would be very happy to meet and discuss your business training needs.

Please have a look around our website to see all the classes and workshops that are available this coming year. 

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to get in touch using the contact page or email: [email protected]

The 1st Enterprise Training Tutors and Team look forward to meeting you soon!

Mission Statement

1st Enterprise Training Courses 

is built on providing a service of 

training within businesses, large and 

small charities or public service organisations. We also aim to offer individuals workshops and courses to improve their learning skills and 

education or build on their personal development and wellbeing.

The Organisation offers adult courses/workshops/retreats to continue encouraging the 

improvement of life skills, education 

and training for individuals, 

businesses and organisations.

The Organisation will endeavour to support all adults equally and without prejudice in their learning experience 

and personal growth and 


1st Enterprise Training will provide continuous support within a diverse environment for all students, staff and volunteers.​

The Organisation welcomes the opportunity to encourage training 

and learning in an atmosphere of personal growth, enjoyment and awareness for all.